Thursday, March 27, 2014

ACA: A Definition

Affordable Care Act (pron. O-bama-kare) (n.): Sacrament of the Democratic Party of the United States of America shrouded in secrecy and legal jargon. As best as can be determined, it is a free gift, not earned, containing at its core nature existentially chimeric characteristics by which the fundamental essence of taxation is present alongside the fundamental essence of regulation, with both parts being coeternal and coequal, yet not two but one, neither confusing one with the other nor ranking the other over the one, each being subservient to the other in legal challenge, begotten not written, adopted not read, a mystery that can only be understood upon its acceptance. It’s sisyphean elements are demonstrated in that although having full power to effect health transformation, it has at present only been revealed in limited form and thus appears to be not affordable, not caring, and not an enforced act. Faithful adherents live in anticipation of its full parousia and hold that executive mandates, imputed to the elect, confer empowerment to see what is yet unseen and understand what is not yet understood. Syn: utopia, 42, Pedro (vote for), unimmanetized eschaton, Godot

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