Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (9/27)

My apologies on the lack of posts recently--after taking the bar exam I moved across the country. However, I'm pretty much settled now, so we can resume.

Alright, where to begin...

Abortion clinics are closing across the nation.

Carl Trueman discusses his concerns with the Christian preoccupation with "Christian worldview."

This is an incredible story of the conversion and baptism of a former Taliban member.

And on the political front, this sums up pretty well why I'm skeptical of the current push to defund Obamacare:
Now the Republican plan relies instead on maintaining a Republican filibuster in the Senate, in perpetuity, to prevent a vote on a bill to open the government. They have maneuvered themselves into the least tenable position to defend a plan that never stood a chance of succeeding in the first place.
This article considers whether election outcomes would be different if decided by chance. They would certainly be a lot cheaper.

And the political nerd in me found this article on the changes in political parties fascinating.

Dr. Mark Mitchell on what's wrong with "Conservatism."

Nicholas Kristof on the dangers of living in a political echo chamber.

And the buzzwords that signal a candidate is about to lose.

Have you ever wondered what the United States map would look like if the states all were equalized for population? Now you know.

And on the more strange news front, it's more important than you think to make sure the body is dead before burying it.

I would have never imagined robbing parking meters could be so lucrative, but then again, he had eight years to do it.

Beware of Apple maps. Or, more accurately, if using Apple maps, beware of airplanes.

The above warning probably still applies if you're driving the safest car ever made.

And finally, what will you do for your morning coffee?

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