Wednesday, July 3, 2013

True Christian Films

In response to this article on Rick Santorum's new position as CEO of a production company (and with all respect to Senator Santorum), I had the following response on Facebook:

This article uncovers exactly what is wrong with Christian films right here when it says "One of the reasons might be the fact that christian movies are not global. They don’t translate well into other cultures."

This boggles my mind. If there is one religion that should translate to every culture (and mostly has, at one time or another) it's Christianity. So why don't Christian films?
Here's why: they are not "Christian". They are odes to a moralistic, American-dream centric, "wholesome" "family-friendly" lifestyle that has had the result of alienating in this country every person that does not conform to that image. This lifestyle is not a religion, but instead uses Christianity as a tool to attain its goal of cultural personal peace and affluence. 
True Christianity speaks to the heart. It speaks to the broken and the failed; the shameful. It is not "family friendly," for the very things you wish hidden from your children are the very things Christ came to save us from. How can you tell his story without them?

Allowing this Leave it to Beaver style "Christianity" to be the one that represents us to the culture is another in a long line of mistakes from the American church, a group which is quickly sliding into irrelevancy. These "leaders" are admitting their goal is not to change the culture but to insulate those they believe to be on the "inside" from those outside. It is inward, not outward focused. This is not "Christian," nor is it worthy of the name.
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