Friday, June 28, 2013

Marco Rubio and the Great American Experiment

Today, I’ve been mocked, I’ve had my credibility attacked, and I’ve been told that I “need to move to Mexico if you want to live with foreigners...”

Why, you ask?

Because Senator Marco Rubio has really impressed me by his willingness to do what he thinks is right even when it’s unpopular, and because I agree with him. Senator Rubio sees that the immigration system is broken and that it needs to be fixed. He is willing to stand toe-to-toe in debate with anyone Republican or Democrat who is willing to talk seriously on the issue.

So, people attack me because I agree with Rubio. I don’t know if they are really racist or if they are just speaking without thinking. But the fact is, I have personally seen the positive results of immigration: my adopted sister was an immigrant from Guatemala and is now an engaged citizen who loves this country.

The crazy thing about immigration is that “foreigners” come here to the USA and become citizens—just like us!

That’s why I love immigration. I am not just a fan of it in the abstract, because someone before I was born came here to make a better life. I love our country because it allowed my beautiful sister to become a citizen and a part of my family.

There are problems with our immigration system, however. It is broken. It was designed during the Cold War, and, as it stands, it neither protects our borders from those who want to harm us, nor does it assist those who long to enjoy freedom they’ve never before experienced.

The current system has long waiting times (sometimes up to 30 years!) and the bureaucrats have a field day deciding who they think is worthy of coming here to the USA.

The problem is not going away and Rubio seems to be the only person who is willing to try to do something about it.

So what should be done?

We have to have solid border security. That is not negotiable. But we cannot turn a blind eye to the results of bureaucrats in Washington handling the borders for so long. The bureaucratic control has led to many would-be immigrants outstaying their visas because the system cannot process them quickly enough. Both problems must be addressed:  the unsecure border and the generations of bad Washington policies that have made it next to impossible for people to come here. In short we cannot just deal with the border. The problem has lasted too long and, as a result, there are many who are here in the USA without proper paperwork. We have to come up with some process to get them the right paperwork so they can properly join our society, pay taxes, and follow the laws of the land.

In the end the whole thing is broken and we need to fix it. Rubio is trying to do that. Hopefully, his bill is the first step in the process of fixing the problem by encouraging other Republicans to step up and work on real solutions that go beyond talking points. And I pray that this process will bring us back to the land that took in the poor and vulnerable and helped them to join what the founding fathers called the Great American Experiment.

If you disagree with me about Senator Rubio’s bill, that’s fine, but do it with an eye for solutions. Don’t just attack Rubio (or me)—present what you think we should do. How can we make the system better? And as you consider that question, don’t forget to incorporate Matthew 7:12 ("So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you") into your policies.

I am a solution-based person; I want to find answers. And right now, the only person who even seems to be trying to get to an answer to the immigration question is Senator Rubio. So until I can find something else, I think I’ll continue to stand with Rubio.

By Jeremiah Lorrig

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Generation Joshua's online publication: Liberty's Call and republished with permission. 
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