Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (6/7)

In a lesson useful for all conservatives, The Atlantic examines the missed potential of Michele Bachmann.

Finding Nemo, now considered one of Pixar's best films, originally left critics disappointed.

It doesn't look like Obamacare is going to be pretty in California.

In a late addition to last week's post, here's a lost Egyptian city.

An Australian examines Americans' problems with obesity. Case in point.

Mountain man Eustace Conway has survived everything the wilderness has thrown at him. It remains to be seen whether he can survive the county planning department.

For all aspiring lawyers, here's why not to fake your resume.

What happens when a library encourages teen loitering?

A British newspaper is reporting that the government is collecting large amounts of data on domestic telephone calls from Verizon. Something about the "share everything" plan. There's also been a suggestion that the contents of those calls is also being recorded and monitored. The New York Times isn't happy.

The Chronicle of Higher Education suggests that the problem with English departments is that they've strayed too far from the classics.

And here's one "temporary" federal program that may (fingers crossed) actually be ending.

For anyone wondering what this group of bloggers would like for Christmas, look no further.

Here's an interesting constitutional question (and why I've been skeptical of TABOR since I fears heard of it): what happens when states impose so many rules on their taxing power that they can't adjust for unforeseen consequences?

And finally, computer animation isn't nearly as difficult as some people make it sound.

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