Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (6/28)

Yesterday the Senate passed its comprehensive immigration reform bill. Many conservatives are trying to block it, but a conservative friend of mine explains why reform is necessary.

Also on the political front, some analysts think that the Democratic party could win back the deep south.

For the mystery minded out there, any ideas on the Voynich Manuscript?

And did you know that computer game designer Sid Meier is a Christian? This is an excellent article on his work and life.

Here is an issue gay marriage advocates will have to work through: according to Slate's Hanna Rosin most gay couples aren't monogamous.

It's always fascinating to see what famous writers suggest reading (and I'm a sucker for reading lists). So here are Hemingway's recommendations. (I've read one--now I feel deficient.)

For those thinking gold is a sure investment, think again.

Twinkies have long been rumored to be the food to survive the zombie apocalypse. Now we know why--like zombies, they just can't die. And anyone still worried about zombies despite the Twinkie return can go  hide under a rock. Or live in rocks.

Or, finally, you could move to Canada, which will never become a safe haven for zombies.
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