Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (6/21)

Any Burn Notice fans out there should appreciate this review (which creator Matt Nix considered good enough to break his own policy of not commenting on reviews of his show).

This looks interesting: a book on the items museums don't display.

On superheroes: the appeal seems largely limited to Western culture; the new Superman movie covered over half of its production costs in product placement alone (reminds me of this); and Robert Downey Jr. will be back as Iron Man in Avengers 2 & 3.

The Atlantic examines the security industrial complex: "An odd thing is happening in the world's self-declared pinnacle of democracy. No one -- except a handful of elected officials and an army of contractors -- is allowed to know how America's surveillance leviathan works."

Cake Wrecks brings us an updated version of a classic fairy tale.

I must admit I'm not always the biggest fan of Rand Paul. But why is it that basic constitutional or political theory is labeled crazy or dangerous as soon as he says it?

So the European Union put fictional bridges on its currency. Now there's an effort to actually build them.

Another interesting question on the modern workplace: why do we evaluate employees as if they are machines?

Salon points out some of the complications with demanding primary proof of citizenship. For example, Senator Ted Cruz might have difficulty.

NPR wonders why kids reading levels aren't going up as they get older. And the Art of Manliness instructs on how to read a book.

Some people in the fundamentalist/conservative circles have taken the courtship vetting process a little too far. Can't we cap the interrogation at, say, 250 questions? (On second thought, maybe this is a giant plot to overload the NSA.)

I really enjoyed this article on the need to fix things, rather than just throw them away.

And finally, here's the interview that may have led to CNN canceling Crossfire (which apparently is being revived this month).

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