Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (5/31)

Today's post, in an unplanned turn of events, decided to take the form of a lost and found notice. I hope you enjoy.

Found: one original Superman comic book used as insulation in an old house.

Lost: Republican political dominance, and what they can do about it. (Wanted: a new Democratic party.)

Found: the conspiracy behind the attempt to label Glenn Beck a conspiracy theorist. (Question: if he's right, does that make him wrong?)

Lost: insurance coverage for patients of a South Portland doctor. (Result: lower medical bills for patients).

Found: one Ferrari burred in the front yard.

Lost (preemptively): Michele Bachmann's re-election effort.

Found: a response to libertarianism's "government is at best a necessary evil" argument.

Lost (potentially): Saudi Arabia's oil drilling dominance.

Found: a Sea of Monsters.

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