Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (5/17)

This book, on the WWII battle where Germans and Americans joined forces, looks amazing.

We've all heard of the unmarried cohabitation trend. But apparently there's also a married-yet-living-separate trend (as the only married member of this blogging team, I don't recommend it).

Last week we brought you the story of Sriracha. This week its the Doritos Locos Taco.

And returning to our trend of exotic locations (such as Hoth in Greenland), Tatooine is in Tunisia.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, wants to remind everyone that their internet is in fact better than portrayed in Iron Man 3. And while on a recent movie kick (we do hope to have reviews of Iron man 3 and The Great Gatsby before long), here's the story of F. Scott Fitzgerald's ordinary grave.

It's been a tough week for the President. Even Chris Matthews is souring.

Although for a little perspective on the IRS scandal, targeting is nothing new to Muslim charities.

A history professor at Cumberland University has put together what looks to be an interesting reading list on American conspiracy theories.

When Disney sought to introduce Brave's Merida into its princess collection, some cried foul when they noticed that she's gotten a makeover. Disney's response has been somewhat confusing.

For those concerned about what you support when you shop, this app--which tells shoppers which companies are behind products--may be for you.

One of the proposals for immigration reform is the right to an attorney during immigration proceedings. What do you think?

And finally, have you ever wondered what it looks like to film yourself walking backwards and then play the film backwards?

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