Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (4/26)

So despite all odds, this post exists. And by all odds, I mean my laptop dying the very last week of law school (fortunately my paper was rescued via my 10 year old PHC laptop and then my wife's previously dead laptop miraculously revived). Anyway, on to the links. And since there was no post last week, we have a lot today.

Let's see, Ron Paul is back and more bizarre than ever. And on those lines, Carl Trueman makes some excellent observations on the appeal of conspiracy theories.

And speaking of the Pauls, Rand's about face on drones and silly questions on immigration haven't served him well this week either.

Movie posters don't always translate well internationally.

And have you ever wondered what paintings by a race horse look like? Or the faces behind Disney villains? Oh, and speaking of Disney, did you know that the CIA helped build Disneyland?

Slate explores the rough life of a toddler.

The recent gay marriage arguments at the Supreme Court seem to have given new life to the effort to legalize polygamy.

PHC's Dr. Mitchell gives some unsolicited advice to the Republican Party.

With former President Bush's library opening, he is back in the news. And one of his advisers writes about just how bright the former President actually is.

Google's goal is to recreate the Star Trek computer.

Adventures bring fame, which creates the temptation to fake the entire story.

And finally, this is certainly a different take on the parable of the lost coin.

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