Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (4/12)

The Romeike family, who I've blogged about previously, has received over 100,000 signatures on their White House petition. It will be interesting to see how the White House responds. (I suspect it will be something like this.) Some more liberal sources, however, note the irony that conservatives only appear interested in letting immigrants stay if they are white European Christians.

Speaking of immigration, this article on child arrivals describes the sort of work I've been doing at my legal clinic this semester.

In what can only be labeled bizarre, Ron Paul, the defender of the Constitution, has joined with Gary North ("the United States Constitution is an atheistic, humanistic covenant") to develop a curriculum for homeschoolers. Like I said, bizarre.

The homeschool movement is often viewed as a boot camp for conservatism. However, demonstrating that the largest challenges to homeschooling freedom come not from ideological opponents but from parents doing a poor job, there are an increasing growing number of graduates criticizing the model.

Demonstrating once again that some people have too much time on their hands, this site shows which costumes have been reused in which movies.

Wanted: a photoshop expert. Qualified applicants may contact your nearest totalitarian regime.

Have you ever wondered whether what we know as landmarks are simply the top of the structure? Now you need wonder no longer.

And finally, this is for all sleep deprived parents.
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