Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (3/29)

Doug Wilson and Thabiti Anyabwile are still going back and forth about slavery and race (although the discussion appears to be dying down). Since last week’s links, the exchange has gone Doug, Thabiti, Doug, Thabiti, Doug, Thabiti, Doug, and Doug. Honestly, I’m with Thabiti on this one. Maybe when it’s all over, I’ll write something about it.

It’s Easter weekend, which means its time for peeps dioramas. It’s also time for Ben-Hur, which makes this history of the novel’s author particularly interesting.

In what might be a fitting revelation concerning the secrecy of the drone war, it turns out that the most popular drone image is a fake.

Random question of the day: would you be more likely to visit your library if it had a water slide?

Second random question: what do millionaires do in their spare time? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos finds spaceship parts on the bottom of the ocean.

Practical advice for the President (and anyone else who wants to influence people who are inclined to disagree): “When you are trying to build trust with someone who does not trust you, don't give them new reasons not to trust you.” Hmm, maybe Congress needs to learn this lesson too.

Speaking of distrust, Ayn Rand didn’t care at all for C.S. Lewis.

Birthers strike again, this time at Ted Cruz.

Ever wonder what impact touch screens have on child development? Maybe it would just be better to let them get bored and explore abandoned places.

Bart Gingrich (a former classmate of ours) gives five excellent things to remember when engaging in the marriage debate.

Homeschooling can sometimes get pigeonholed as a conservative evangelical sub culture. Here are eighteen reasons to homeschool that break out of that mold.

And finally, reflexes and alertness like this are the reason cats rule the interwebs.
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