Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (2/15)

Is Hoth Darth Vader’s biggest military blunder? Some say yes, others disagree.

And speaking of Star Wars, what if Han Solo were a time traveler? (Wouldn’t that give JJ Abrams something to work with?) Oh, and here’s a car that tried to be the Millennium Falcon--and freaked out its owner.

Immigration reform is getting an ally in parts of the Christian Right (but not all are happy about this).

Recently Dr. Benjamin Carson caught national attention with his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. NRO gives some background on Dr. Carson.

I’m not looking for ways to pick on David Barton. But it looks like his second amendment scholarship suffers from some of the same problems as his Thomas Jefferson scholarship (i.e. misleadingly doctored quotes).

One retired high school teacher recently issued a warning to college professors: students aren’t prepared for college level work.

The Atlantic speculates: are cars and robust cities incompatible?

And in an era of charged emotions regarding clean energy, why is the US capital still burning coal? (Hint: It appears to be political.)

And finally, in honor of Valentine's Day.
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