Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (1/31)

America’s unions are dying out. And our colleges, like their students, are becoming buried in debt.

But one woman, dissatisfied with the lack of unions in her field, decided to start her own. And then she started her own insurance company to go with it.

Google Earth has unexpectedly lent a hand in exposing North Korea’s secret prison camps.

As if following up on this week’s immigration post, the Washington Post explores the immigration backlog: there are over 4.3 million people waiting to get family sponsorships, and the wait time can be up to 24 years.

Recently the military announced that it was going to lift the ban on women in combat. Here is what some women in the military have to say about the change.

As a legal writer in training, I look for examples of good legal writing. Paul Clement’s brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act doesn’t look like one of those examples.

Speaking of marriage, several months ago Chick-fil-A came under criticism for its funding of groups that support biblical marriage. While some on the right wanted to fight fire with fire, Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A, took an entirely different route. He befriended the leader of the group opposing him.

Amsterdam’s experiment in legalizing prostitution seems to be failing.

Warren Throckmorton, one of the leading critics of David Barton, makes fascinating observation about evangelical double-mindedness:

On one hand, evangelicals spend lots of money to send their children to evangelical colleges, and they want those children to learn their lessons well. On the other hand, with donations to culture war  organizations, they prop up self-anointed experts who tell them that academic rigor, training, and skill are barriers to the real truth, hidden away by stuffy, arrogant professors.
World War I is one of the more confusing wars in our history. But imagining it as a bar fight might help it make a little more sense.

And finally, a day in the life of Caesar’s envoy. (Gotta love the horns on that viking’s helmet.)
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