Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (1/4)

Despite all the rhetoric and denunciations, the policies of George W. Bush live on.

And it’s a little late, but this is an excellent piece on Mitt Romney.

Time magazine declares that the pro-life movement is gaining ground.

Have you ever wondered what old black and white photographs would look like in color? This incredible project answers just that question.

Mike Shanahan, formerly head coach of the Denver Broncos and now at the Washington Redskins, hardly ever smiles (seriously, watch him on the sidelines sometimes). Yet he had to when his own quarterback started asking him questions at a recent press conference. That rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III, has turned into quite the impressive leader for the Redskins because of his own humility.

The political right often derides the left for its utopian dreams. But lately it has been falling prey to the same problem.

You’ve probably heard the accusation that the Bible got the issue of slavery wrong. Tim Keller and Don Carson have both responded to this issue.

Anthony Esolen discusses, and deconstructs, today’s mathematics teaching (and a whole lot more).

Mark Steyn, as only he can, discusses the unintentional legal point that David Gregory made when he allegedly illegally showed a high-capacity magazine on national TV.

And Dave Barry reviews the year as only he can.

January: Meanwhile the race for the Republican presidential nomination, which began in approximately 2003, continues to be a spicy political gumbo of excitement. The emerging front runner is Mitt Romney, who combines a strong résumé of executive experience with the easygoing natural human warmth of a parking meter. Still in contention, however, is Newt Gingrich, whose popularity surges briefly, only to wane when voters begin to grasp the fact that he is Newt Gingrich. This opens the door for Rick Santorum, whose strong suit is that he has a normal first name, and who apparently at one point was a senator or governor of Pennsylvania or possibly Vermont.
Fans of The Hobbit will appreciate this transcript of the Dwarves (very one sided) contract with the Bilbo:
8. Burglar shall devise means and methods to circumvent any difficulties arising from any illegal or illicit occupation or guardianship of Company’s rightful home and property. Successful disposal of any such guardian, creature or squatter in said home shall not necessarily earn any additional monetary or fiscal reward, but will definitely guarantee Burglar (if he survives) and Burglar’s family the undying gratitude and promise of service in perpetuity and forever of the Company and its successors. 
{fine print}: A plaque shall be erected and dedicated in Burglar’s honor if he meets an untimely end in attempting this feat. 
{fine print}: Material size and location of such a plaque is to be decided at Director’s sole whim and desire. 
{fine print}: Present Company is not obliged to assist Burglar in this so called ‘pest control’ phase of the Adventure.
And finally, AT-AT walkers like you’ve never seen them before.

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