Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday miscellaneous (1/11)

It’s been awhile since we shared articles on finds in unexpected places. Like Hoth in Greenland, Egypt in California, and hell in Turkmenistan. This week’s is bigger: the eye of Sauron in outer space.

After relying on lots of promises that only the rich were going to see tax increases, many Obama supporters were surprised this week to see their withholding taxes spike. I guess the economy is recovering after all--there’s so many more rich people than we realized.

There’s a cliche that it's possible to escape prison with knotted bedsheets out the window. Well, two Chicago prisoners demonstrated that it’s true, escaping down over fifteen stories with only sheets and towels.

For all the complaints of unenforced immigration laws, the federal government spends more on immigration enforcement than all other types of law enforcement combined.

Sam Harris has a long--yet one of the most sensible--articles on gun regulation that I’ve seen.

The Atlantic has a good article positing the question of whether we’re addicted to political crisis:

A vibrant, outspoken and self-critical citizenry is a necessary and vital element of a thriving democracy. But when the public conversation becomes so relentlessly fixated on the disaster porn of political and economic challenges, an invisible but significant line has been crossed. Myopic focus on the next crisis and the battles that loom ahead with nary a sense of balance isn't a recipe for collective action; it's a formula for collective paralysis.
But a very real problem (I won’t use the word crisis in light of that prior article) is uncontrolled federal spending. And it remains a problem despite what the President believes.

On that note, House Republicans may require a budget in exchange for raising the debt ceiling again. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

And finally, enjoy this elevator prank.

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