Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (11/2)

This week Disney bought Star Wars. It didn’t take long for the online artists to get to work... Speaking of Star Wars, here’s a heartwarming story about a short stormtrooper.

Online comic xkcd does a historical chart of Congress.

Tuesday is the election. Which means this is our last chance to do the pre-election news stories. Independents seem to be breaking for Romney. Progressives are dissatisfied with Obama. Gallop is showing that there are more Republicans than Democrats (which throws most polls into doubt, since they assume Democrats outnumber Republicans and adjust accordingly).

Also, both Michael Gerson and George Will wrote excellent pieces on presidential leadership. And PowerLine follows up on Will’s opening Coolidge quote with other wisdom from Silent Cal.

Someone needs to check on Nicolas Cage--the national archives are missing artifacts.

Michigan libraries cannot adopt policies prohibiting firearms.

One state that is frequently overlooked in national voting is Hawaii. And its residents have noticed.

In honor of Halloween, Russell Moore writes about … you guessed it … zombies.

Zombies are horrifying not simply because they’re mean and aggressive. They are horrifying because they represent what ought to repulse us: the rotting decay of death. But they still walk. And, beyond that, they still crave. In their search for human brains, they are driven along by their appetites, though always under the sway of a slavemaster’s will. 
That’s our story.
And then there’s the Greek island where people just forget to die (in a very non-zombie way).

Finally, in honor of the season, we hope you enjoy this primer on the top ten ways to smash a pumpkin.

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