Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Confessions: I Follow Obama on Facebook

Recently I was asked by a friend why I follow Obama on Facebook. She was somewhat distressed that I could support Obama when I am so clearly working in conservative circles.

I decided that I would write up my reasons. Let me know your thoughts!

There are two main reasons I follow Obama on Facebook (and receive his mailings and emails). The first is because he is the president of the country and whether I like what he is doing or not, he is in charge and is my president. The Bible commands us to pray for him, and I find that I can better pray for him when I am updated on what he is up to.  
The second reason I follow the President on Facebook is because I disagree with him. I want to know how he thinks. It is easier for me to respond to what he is doing when I know what he is doing. I read widely from the FAR right to the FAR left (and a lot of moderates in the middle). It helps me to know what the arguments are. I especially follow and read those who are influential.  
Agreeing with someone is not a requirement for my reading list. If I lived in ancient Rome, I would follow Nero on Facebook so I can keep up with the times. If I could follow him on Facebook, following Obama sounds easy.  
I know that I am rather unique in this regard and don't expect everyone else to treat the news or Facebook like I do, but because you asked, I thought I'd let you know.

Post by Jeremiah Lorrig
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