Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (8/10)

The new healthcare reforms keeps children on their parents' plans longer. But it apparently doesn’t cover pregnancy.

George Will tells the story of when the Republican Party sacrificed its chance of winning to preserve its constitutional stance.

The Bachmann for President campaign is now in a lawsuit involving an allegedly stolen list of homershoolers’ email address in Iowa.

It is well known that major portions of the religious community oppose homosexual marriage. But this column suggests a secular case against it. It sounds similar to the argument presented by Robert George. And a federal district court in Hawaii upheld that state’s marriage amendment.

This week I ran across a blog post on how working in a ultra-conservative Christian organization can harm your career. Then I saw one from the Harvard Business Review about how schools are teaching bad habits. Both make several overlapping points.

I wrote last week about the problems with David Barton’s new book on Thomas Jefferson. Either his publisher reads this blog (unlikely, but we can always hope) or lots of other people were saying the same thing. Anyway, Thomas Nelson has pulled the book. This comes right after both World Magazine and NPR ran stories on it. It also prompted John Locke expert Greg Forster to examine Barton’s writing on Locke. (Update: this morning my undergraduate history professor weighed in as well.)

The Democrats keep trying to demonize Romney, calling him a reverse Robin Hood, a tax cheat, and even blaming him for the death of the wife of a former Bain employee. But the reports of the people Mitt Romney has directly helped are also coming to light. Like people with mortgage problems. Or missing children. Or even bees.

Obama’s speech writers need to pay a little more attention--this time they wrote a speech where the President referenced his sons. Not that any of that matters to President Obama’s shifting perception of reality. And minor signs are indicating that the campaign may be in trouble. Others are even seeing the possibility of a landslide.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia has locked the pages of Romney’s possible VP choices.

Here is an interesting article on translating the Old Testament and the contributions of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

There are a small number of Democrats who seem to be wanting their party to revisit its pro-choice stance. Unfortunately, it is unlikely they will achieve any change.

And finally, in honor of the Mars landing, sometimes you just have to wonder: what if it really is all fake?

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