Monday, July 2, 2012

A Thought For Those on (or in) the Right

I am not the law student of this blog, so my opinions on matters of law, though hopefully informed, are those of the layman. But as I watch this drama unfold about which side is Roberts on and whether he is a genius or a traitor, I have to remind my politically minded friends that Obamacare did not originate in the courts. It was a piece of legislation that was legally passed (granted, by slim majority) by congress. We cannot look to the court to save us from ourselves. The constitution does not recognize left or right. It simply says "we the people." The founders chose not to empower the gifted, the wise, the correct, but simply the people. For twenty years, we on the right have been unable convince "the people" to give us a majority that wold be able to pass truly conservative legislation. The left did. And they had the guts to pass Obamacare. They paid for it in 2010, but they still got it done. I'm tired of merely hearing people on the right call foul. Sometimes life (and usually politics) isn't fair. The left understands this (though all they clamor for is "fairness.") It's time for us to change message or hang up the towel. We must convince the people not that our way is the most legal or constitutional. That doesn't matter to the average human being. But that our way is best for "the people" as a whole. I believe that ultimately our founders built this nation and it's constitution not as an end in itself, but merely a means. A means for good or evil? That can only be decided by "the people."
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