Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (6/15)

I said last week that Obama was looking at a rough month. That is turning out to be true, and its apparently starting to worry some of his backers. But his collection of mismanagement just keeps growing.

Romney’s fiscal record, on the contrary, holds up much better than Obama’s.

I always look forward to Al Mohler’s summer reading lists (I think that’s where I first heard about Operation Mincemeat a few years back). This year’s list does not disappoint. If only I had more time.

But when it comes to books, be wary of making choices based on the cover. Tim Challis exposes the dirty secret behind book endorsements.

Speaking of reading, apparently a school that has no books doesn’t teach kids how to read. Maybe they should resort to having kids memorize poetry instead.

But for some kids who graduate, all they face is deportation to a country they can’t even remember leaving. (Fortunately, in this case, the deportation was halted, but isn’t it sad that only the kids who manage to get high media profiles are allowed to stay?)

If you decide to write (instead of read), be sure to check out Pixar’s 22 rules for stroytelling. It’s no wonder they’re so good.

Here’s a fun article on photoshopping before photoshop.

And finally, next basketball game I’m picking Uncle Drew.

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