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Brave Movie Review

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Any movie with the line "We'll expect your declarations of war in the morning" is going to catch my attention. This is even more likely when it is said in a fetching Scottish accent. Ever since I saw the poster for Pixar’s Brave on the wall of the theater almost two years ago I have been waiting for this movie with great anticipation.

It is not often that we get to see a mother/daughter movie. Brave grasps the complexity of the relationship between a maturing girl and her mother and centers this awkward time around the conflict of the princess’s impending marriage.

The girl, Princess Merida, rejects her mother and becomes so caught up in herself that she ends up causing major trouble for her whole family, specifically her mother. Through a twist of fate, she ends up being the only one who stands with her mother when things get really tough out in the wild. Merida discovers that she was wrong and that her mother has always loved her deeply. The queen discovers that having some hunting skills can be very useful (although she still insists that princesses do not put their weapons on the table).

In the course of the story, Merida begins to follow the path of one of the characters from one of the legends her mother taught her. In fact, Brave cleverly takes two stories separated by generations (Merida’s life and a legend her mother describes) and contrasts them against each other to teach valuable lessons.

In both cases, someone feels like they are not being treated fairly. Both decide to take fate into their own hands. Both tear their families asunder.

Repentance, however, leads to redemption. In the end the film shows the consequences of breaking the 5th commandment as well as the Scripture that says “do not provoke your children to wrath.”

I encourage anyone to see the movie. It is the only mother/daughter movie that I have seen that really is not a “girl's movie” and can be enjoyed by anyone. When I saw the promotions for Brave I knew that it would be a must see. The acting is grand (the little girl reminds me of my little sister). The music is breathtaking. The animation is flawless. In the trailers, they wisely leave out major plot points so that you don’t know where the movie is going, so you really can get caught up in enjoying the movie.

And as has become custom in Pixar movies, they touched my heart, and I cried.

Review by Jeremiah Lorrig
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(Listen to the music! It is amazing.)

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