Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (4/6)

This was a busy week, so there are lots of links.

Can a case be made for breaking up big banks?

Here’s another good review of The Hunger Games.

President Obama took on the Supreme Court this week. In doing so, he showed ignorance of the concept of judicial review. How could a former constitutional law professor do that? Well, he didn’t teach that part. A former student confirms this.

On a related note, the Constitution’s reputation is improving. (As a law student at a liberal law school, I can confirm this in my own experience. The question “is this constitutional” is being taken more seriously than it used to.)

Dennis Prager observes that conservatives speak liberalese better than liberals speak conservativeese.

Sen. Rubio appears to be trying to soften Romney (and by extension, the Republican party) on immigration. I hope he succeeds.

This is a fascinating story about a DC taxi official who became an FBI informant.

Student loan debt is also hitting senior citizens. Maybe something might be wrong with this system?

Michael Horton gives some very good reminders about how Christians should approach politics. It was prompted by this story.

New evidence has been uncovered that ancient Egyptian civilization made it to California. Oh wait, that’s just the set of the 10 Commandments.

We all know government bureaucracy is bad. But sometimes it gets put in its place.

This is long, but it’s very worth it.

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