Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (4/20)

Lots of links again. But not as many political ones this week.

This is a good reminder. Lots of things are impossible in presidential elections. But sometimes the powers determining impossibility forget to remind the voters.

Is anyone interested in voting third-party? Apparently the Prohibition Party is still around, and there’s always the Constitution Party, the Justice Party, or the American Party. If only the Socialist Party, the Party of Socialism and Liberation, and the Socialist Workers Party could join, they might have a … bigger minority.

President Obama is trying to do something about rising oil prices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he knows what it is.

Something tells me this isn’t a winning strategy for the Democrats. I like Romney, but my snide side says that if this strategy worked, his campaign should already be reaping the benefits.

This is an amazing story about a little boy who got lost at age 6 and then used Google Earth to find his hometown (and family) 25 years later.

Our country has an obesity problem and it’s about
more than the waistline.

This is an interesting article about one evangelical’s experience in “liberal” academia. Just remember, sometimes persecution is real, but sometimes we invent it ourselves.

If only all terrorists were this easy to catch.

This was not intended to be a series, but two weeks ago I posted about Ancient Egypt and last week I posted about Hoth. Now, apparently, hell has also been found.

A former professor of mine writes about the gender experiments in Sweden and ties it back to de Tocqueville's thoughts on the weaknesses in democracy.

Testing testing testing, we all want more testing in schools. But when is it too much?

E.J. Dionne writes about two income households and how for many they are a necessity. He also includes some words of reminder for conservatives: the glory days of one income families were possible in large part because of strong unions. We can talk about being pro-family, but what do our policies say?

And finally, play for drama.

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