Thursday, March 15, 2012

Standing on the Foundations of History

Roman Ruins
On Monday when I walked into my office the realization that the world was small was once again underlined in my mind. The reason for that was the fact that I had been in Rome, Italy the the day before.

It is amazing that one can travel with such ease. It is amazing that with almost no preparation or planning one can go to another continent and see some of the most significant places in world history and the some of the most spectacular and renowned art.

Rome, unlike any other place I have ever been, is a place were history is folded up on itself and you will see ancient Roman ruins buttressed with Medieval columns transformed by Renaissance design and maintained with modern building codes. Huge parts of the city are literally ruins upon ruins. It is like the timeline of history doesn’t apply in Rome. All of history is the present.

Roman Hut. c. 700 b.c.
On one of my excursions I was able to climb Palatine Hill. It is the place where Romulus began to build Rome. Still on the hill, about a bow shot away from Emperor Caesar Augustus’ home, one can still see foundations of huts of early Rome. The Roman Republic and the Emperors kept those huts overlooking their greatest buildings below to remind them of their humble beginnings.

These huts made me think of how we sometimes need to remind ourselves of who we really are. Remember that all of us came into the world naked. All of us have problems and short comings. All of us can learn from those humble huts overlooking Rome.

History Piled On Top of History 
On the flip side. The Romans also built something that impacted the entire world. We need to also realize, like the Romans, that although we may have come from humble beginnings, that should not stop us from reaching for the stars. Everything is impossible until it is done for the first time. Rome conquered the world, and historians to this day are confounded how this little city rose above the rest of history and became the Eternal City.

Rome reminds us that we must never forget our roots and where we have come from, but also that we should not let our beginnings dictate our end.

Do you forget your beginnings or let your past hold you back? Where do you see yourself in your own history?

Post by Jeremiah Lorrig

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