Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (3/30)

The Democratic Party should soften its stance on abortion; or so says former President Jimmy Carter.

This week was all about healthcare. On Tuesday the Supreme Court heard argument for and against the individual mandate. SCOTUSblog has an excellent summary.

On a similar note, the individual mandate is often considered the cornerstone of Obama’s healthcare bill. But did you know that conceptually it was originally a conservative idea advocated by the Heritage Foundation? Now, to be fair, Heritage changed their mind before the Obama bill adopted the provision, but that’s still a fascinating story of how ideas shift between parties. (And it goes both ways. The PAC was designed in 1943 by labor unions to get around campaign finance restrictions and support FDR.)

Here is another story of a successful business breaking the mold by caring for its employees.

This article at FPR on Burke is worth reading. But for those who don’t click the link, here’s the gem.

This means that those who wish to redeem our politics right now should not be practicing politics, if by that term we mean to designate the holding of office, the deliberation of specific policies, the support of existing institutions – in short, participation in the civic life of America as presently constituted.  What they should be doing instead is the hard intellectual and spiritual work of reflection, raising their minds above the sordid state of affairs surrounding us and searching for a timeless understanding of our essential natures which will serve us in the work of social renewal.  Above all things, they should be turning to the study of literature and poetry, since, as I have argued before here at FPR and elsewhere, it is the study of these things which most effectively helps us to answer the ancient admonition, “know thyself.”

We’ve heard a lot about Romney and Santorum, and even a little about Gingrich. But whatever happened to Ron Paul?

The Paul Ryan budget gives Democrats a solution for the undertaxed rich. For some reason they’re not interested.

And thanks to Jeremiah for reminding me of this.

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