Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (3/23)

Orson Scott Card gives a good analysis of the transformation of stories from book to film. Sometimes it’s done well, often not. Here’s why.

The Colorado legislature’s Planned Parenthood resolution got crashed by an unexpected visitor.

Romney, unlike Santorum or Gingrich, is running a debt free campaign. That’s good. But then Romney’s Communications Director compared him to an etch-a-sketch. That’s bad.

One of our readers pointed to what he calls the “biggest non-article of the campaign cycle”. I think he’s right.

Dr. Mark Mitchell contrasts patriotism with exceptionalism.

This is an amazing story about President Obama’s friendship with pastor Joel Hunter.

In an age where bankers seem to be both running and undermining our economy, it’s refreshing to hear of banks actually focusing on helping their community rather than just expanding.

Nicholas Kristof responds to those attacking the Kony 2012 effort.

Edmund Burke, often called the father of conservatism, was a harsh critic of liberal democracy. Is his critique warranted?

Burke’s prime reason for objecting so strenuously to democracy is as plain as it is compelling: democratic governance represents for him the exaltation of will above reason.  That it is the people’s will rather than the monarch’s which is thus exalted does nothing to mitigate the arbitrariness of such rule.

In Texas, an atheist threatened to sue over a nativity display at the courthouse. That party of this story is not unique. The part that is, however, is what changed his mind.

And finally, I think we can all agree that Romney needs more lines like this. Especially if/when he runs against Obama.

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