Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (3/16)

We’ve reviewed the first book of The Hunger Games (more reviews coming). In the meantime, here’s another really good review.

Despite all the worries about money in politics, this GOP primary season has been less expensive than other primaries in recent years.

Romney has a tendency to try too hard to connect with voters. Santorum’s American Conservative Union was good, but he wasn’t the most conservative member in the senate.

How many of these eight myths about China have you fallen into? I know I’ve believed several.

When I enrolled at MSU college of law, it was ranked somewhere below the top 100 law schools in the country. Last year the rank raised to 95. This year we had even more good news, MSU Law is rose to a rank of 82 and tied both Catholic and Rutgers. That, combined with a number one rank for the West division of the NCAA basketball tournament, means it’s been a pretty good month here in East Lansing. (Except that apparently spring still has some people baffled.)

I found this discussion on boycotting fascinating, and am still trying to decide whether I agree with him.

And finally, you can’t believe everything you read in surveys.

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