Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Voting results

Three states held GOP votes today: Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado. While none of the three award binding delegates, they do show how the various candidates are being received. Missouri results will be particularly interesting, as Gingrich is not on the ballot. If the anti-Romney voters go with Santorum, Romney may be in trouble.

And it looks like that is what is happening. In fact, as of this writing, Santorum is leading in all three (although Minnesota and Colorado have barely started counting).

For those interested, the Washington Post is providing up to the minute results for all three races: Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.

Update: Santorum won all three.

Santorum, 44.8%
Paul, 27.2%
Romney, 16.9%
Gingrich, 10.7%


Santorum, 55.2%
Romney, 25.3%
Paul, 12.2%

Santorum, 40.2%
Romney, 34.9%
Gingrich, 12.8%
Paul, 11.8%
Delegate count now stands as follows (1,144 needed to win):

Romney, 106
Gingrich, 38
Santorum, 22
Paul, 20
Although few delegates were awarded as a result of these numbers (CO and MN awarded some, MS didn't award any), they do slow down Romney. And, more importantly, has Gingrich lost momentum again? He placed last or second to last in the two races where he was on the ballot. Paul, of course, won't drop out, although he should. He's campaigning for an idea, not for the office.
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