Monday, February 6, 2012

Top ten posts

This blog has been live for just over a year. Our first post was January 30, 2011.

In that time we have had over 90 posts, and over 8,500 pageviews. We've clarified our voice, and added features to the blog, added a facebook page and done movie and book reviews.

Over the past year, these have been our ten most popular posts:

War Horse Movie Review - Jeremiah's review is far and away our most popular page, blowing away all others.

Ron Paul vs. Me - our first analysis of candidate Paul.

4 Republican Candidates Stand Up for Parental Rights - a debate shout-out for an important issue, but only two of the four candidates are still in the race.*

Why not Ron Paul? - Our second post on candidate Paul.

THE HERMAN CAIN! - remember when this guy was rising in the polls?

Adam Smith and Farmer Boy - and the importance of hard work.

Nutcracker Review! - another reveiw by Jeremiah, this time of a ballet.

GOP 2012 in a nutshell. - an early summary of the GOP race.

The Good, the Bad, and the Romney - an analysis of candidate Romney.

The importance of orcs - one of our early big posts, which considers how Ayn Rand would be better with orcs.

*Correction: the original post said that only one of the four candidates was still in. Both Santorum and Romney supported parental rights.
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