Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (2/24)

A pro-choice Ron Paul supporter explains why Paul, despite his pro-life rhetoric, would actually advance abortion.

I enjoyed this somewhat snarky commentary on Wednesday's GOP debate. Particularly where the reviewer analyzes Paul’s foreign policy:

Ron Paul served up his standard-issue foreign policy, sympathizing with an Iran that only wants nuclear weapons because America and Israel frighten them so badly, and making the remarkable assertion that “the Iranians can’t possibly attack anyone,” which will come as a surprise to veterans of the Iran-Iraq War.  Also, although Paul doubts the Iranians are anywhere near nuclear capability, it wouldn’t be a big deal if they had a few bombs, because Soviet Russia had 30,000 of them, and that worked out okay.  Then he said we should worry less about Iranian nukes than missing Russian nukes, so maybe it didn’t really work out okay after all.

Unemployment may be falling, but that doesn’t mean more people are working. Some evidence suggests that they are signing up for disability benefits so they can continue to receive benefits after their unemployment benefits end. Yet at the same time,
some manufacturers are unable to find workers with the proper skill set.

A thought experiment on what the nation would look like if the House of Representatives ruled.

Steve Jobs lived in an alternate reality, and many around him paid the price.

The president of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod testified before Congress opposing the HHS mandate.

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