Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (2/17)

Obama may be a uniter after all. Unlikely allies are uniting against the new HHS rule.

Ron Paul is using an alternate strategy to collect convention delegates. Would it work, and if it does, would it undermine his legitimacy?

Daniel Hannan has an amazing article on why we may be putting too much emphasis on the Presidential race. After all, it is the legislature who makes most of the laws. And a change in the figurehead can’t fix the deeper problems. My only critique of the Hannan piece is that it was over too quickly.

I’ve written a bit already on monetary policy. But Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review takes on Ron Paul on what many consider to be his strongest issue - his campaign against the Fed. He writes:

Almost all of the criticisms Paul makes of central banking, when stated in the axiomatic form he prefers, are false. To put it more charitably, he assumes that the negative features that monetary expansion can have in some circumstances are its necessary properties.

* * *

Representative Paul’s strategy for dealing with the theoretical and historical arguments against the gold standard in End the Fed is to ignore all of them. All he says is that problems arose in the 1930s because of the “misuse of the gold standard.” But note that the great advantage of the gold standard is supposed to be that governments cannot manipulate it. Concede that they can and the argument is half lost.

Slate tries to take on homeschooling. I was intrigued because, although liberal, many of their articles are well written. This one wasn’t. It’s all about the virtue of sacrificing your children for the greater good.

Judges can sometimes reach outside of standard sentences.

And finally, a shameless promotion. Two of my brothers have made a movie, which is now available on their website. Here is the trailer.

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