Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (1/20)

Perry is out, and has endorsed Gingrich. Where will Perry supporters go?

In a recount, Santorum actually won Iowa, which means Romney cannot claim to be the only non-incumbent to have won both Iowa and New Hampshire.

I don’t want to keep returning to Ron Paul, but here is a history lesson for him on the Taliban. And did anyone else see his interview regarding his twitter account? It’s the newsletter explanation all over again.
 Front Porch Republic recently had an article on an alternate history of money.
The First Amendment right to free exercise of religion got a significant boost last week in a unanamous Supreme Court opinion.
John Hinderaker at PowerLine has endorsed Romney. Here's his post on Romney's conservative record while governor of Massachusetts. Along the same lines, does anyone remember May Ann Glendon, the former US Ambassador to the Vatican who declined a to speak at Notre Dame's commencement because they had awarded an honorary degree to Obama in violation of their pro-life Catholic principles? She has joined with other pro-family leaders in supporting Romney.

Evangelical leaders are lining up behind Santorum.

The three deadliest words in the world: It's a girl
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