Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday miscellaneous (1/27)

Credit: AP
Jeremiah (this blog’s co-author) on last night’s GOP debate: “Santorum rock solid, knowledgeable, and spoke from his heart. Mitt was on fire like he has never been before and was at his best defending capitalism. Newt was off his game and did too much pandering. Paul told jokes and made me laugh.” I didn’t watch the whole thing, but that seemed to sum it up. Did anyone else see momentum shift last night?

A former professor of mine (actually, of all three authors of this blog) analyzes the GOP field and likes Santorum:

I’ve traveled a circuitous route to get to the place where I am today in deciding whom to support in the Republican primary. I began with an interest in Bachmann, but soon concluded she didn’t have the experience for the job. I then turned to Perry for a brief while, hoping he would be the political “savior,” but that soured for me pretty quickly, particularly after a few debates. Herman Cain came on my personal radar after I was his table companion at a Republican event. I liked his attempt to get us to a fair tax. When he imploded over what I still think may have been false accusations, I toyed for a while with the idea that Gingrich could be the man. But then I took a fresh look at Santorum and came away impressed with his foundational understanding of principles of government and society based on a Christian worldview. That’s where I am today, and next Tuesday, I will cast my vote for him in Florida’s Republican primary.

That said, Jeremiah and I discovered during last night's debate that while neither of us have made up our minds yet, he’s leaning toward Santorum and I’m leaning towards Romney. This could get interesting...

On Romney, Dennis Prager asks that his Mormonism not be the reason he doesn’t get the nomination. Is that a valid request?

Two recent articles have addressed the issue of US businesses outsourcing. The first, is about how Apple will never bring jobs back (
and with stories like this, it's not surprising that using Chinese workers is cheaper
).The second is how Master Lock is moving back to Milwaukee because it’s cheaper than China.

My wife found this fascinating immigration story about a guy being deported after being granted US citizenship because of prior human rights violations. Update: he was deported and is now serving a life sentence in Ethiopia.

And finally, on a more local note, the management of Detroit risks being taken over by the State of Michigan. My questions: should the state/local relationship mirror the federal/state relationship?

And finally finally, because you all needed a laugh:
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