Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reflections on Newt's Rise

This is the next part of our presidential election series. We already have profiled Romney, Cain, and Paul, now it is time for Newt!

Newt is known. His multiple affairs and marriages have come and gone. His strong arm political tactics are legend, and stories about them legion. He doesn't hide his disagreements with conventional conservative doctrine. He is Newt, hear him roar!

My two thoughts on the Rise of Newt:

1. Is there anyone who worked with him when he was in power willing to endorse him? Why are all the ones I talk with so emphatic that he should not be president? What does that tell an informed voter?

2. Now that we have a president of a new/younger generation, would America go back? I think what George W. Bush said in his recent biography, Decision Points, is very insightful. He said:

By the spring of 1992, it was clear who that nominee would be, Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas. Clinton was twenty-two years younger than Dad--and six weeks younger than me. The campaign marked the beginning of a generational shift in American politics. Up to that point, every president since Franklin Roosevelt had served during World War II, either in the military or as commander in chief. By 1992, Baby Boomers and those younger made up a huge portion of the electorate. They were naturally drawn to support someone of their own generation. Clinton was smart enough to steer away from Dad's strengths in foreign policy. He recognized the economic anxiety in the country and ran on a disciplined message: "It's the economy, stupid."
If he is right and American's don't go backward in generations, does that mean that Newt doesn't have a chance?

What do you think?
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