Thursday, September 8, 2011

4 Republican Candidates Stand Up for Parental Rights

Candidates at the Republican Presidential Debate bring Parental Rights to the forefront.

Purcellville, VA, September 8, 2011: Republican presidential candidates take a strong stand for parental rights in California at the Reagan Library.

Last night’s MSNBC/Politico debate was a spirited and passionate discussion but homeschoolers ears perked up when the candidates engaged in a lively discussion of parental rights. Bachmann, Romney, Santorum, and Perry all stood with parents on the issue of parental rights.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was the first candidate to raise the issue of parental rights saying, “What I am very concerned about is the issue of Parental Rights.” She then asked, “Should the federal government control these areas or should parents and localities control these areas?” Former Governor Mitt Romney following Bachmann’s lead was very clear, “I believe in parental rights and parental responsibility for our kids.”

Former Senator Rick Santorum, homeschool father of seven, underlined that parental rights should never be put on the government chopping block. He even addressed specific government policies dictating parents’ actions and differentiating himself from Perry by asking, “How about instead of having an opt out [option for parents] having an opt in [option]?”

Bachmann referenced the 2007 HPV debate declaring, “It is wrong for government whether it’s state or federal government to impose on parents what they must do to inoculate their children. This is very serious. And I think it is very important again that parents to have that right [to make health and education choices for their children].” Santorum agreed saying, “How about Parental Rights being more important than State’s rights?” Confronted with Bachmann’s jab, Governor Rick Perry replied that he not only believes in parental rights but also made sure that his controversial policy reflected that. “We offered an opt out—I don’t know what is stronger for parental rights then having that opt out.”

In the end, Bachmann summed up the feeling of the debate, “We have the best results when we have the private sector and the family involved, and we have the worst results when the federal government gets involved.”

Here are the highlights of the exchange.

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