Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday's Child

Well, today is Sunday. It is a beautiful day here in Colorado Springs (I am making strong mental notes of it, so when I leave on Wednesday I'll remember beautiful, green Colorado). It is bright, sunny, and the birds are singing (maybe, if I took the time to go outside and hear them).

But what strikes me about this particular Sunday is that last night was full of lightening and thunder. I was driving back with my family from Water World in Denver and the last 25 miles or so we were surrounded by constant flashes of lightening.

It was constant.

No more than than 3 seconds between flashes. It was astounding. You would see the electricity jump from one cloud across the sky to another. You would also see it crash to the ground and know that someone's computer and other appliances were being fried.

The storms of life?

Today, bright and beautiful followed followed the storm. Draw your own analogy, but that is what strikes me this Sunday.

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