Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book lists

For those who don’t know me, I love book lists. I have lists on Amazon, lists on my library account, and an excel spreadsheet on top of all that. So imagine my delight when I was sent the link to the 5 books project.

The concept is simple. Different experts are interviewed about the top five books in their field. And almost as fascinating as the books they recommend are who is making which recommendations. For example:

·   Governor Mike Huckabee on Simple Governance.

·   Congressman Keith Ellison on Progressivism.

·   Van Jones on Change in America.

·   Grover Norquist on Tea Party Conservatism.

·   Mitch Daniels on How Libertarians Can Govern.

·   Karl Rove on Compassionate Conservatism.

·   Nicholas Kristof on Saving the World.

And that’s just the history and politics sections.

I’ve already added several items to my Amazon and library lists...

Where do you get your book recommendations from?
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