Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From Wednesday's Class

Last week I was teaching a campaigns and elections class for Generation Joshua. The last day of class I agreed to spend the time going over historical ads. It was so popular that I thought I should post it here on the blog.

We started with I like Ike:

Then we went with the Daisy Bomb ad:

No wonder Goldwater lost:

The EVER popular Kennedy song!

Next a Nixon "Hands" ad:

One of the Best Political Ads of all time! Morning in America:

And a Reagan Communism ad, The Bear:

This was Dems response, no wonder it was a landslide:

Nothing quite so striking as a flip flop ad:

Kerry's biggest problem wasn't the flip-flop ad, Swift Boat Vets for Truth changed the political ad world:

Early Obama ad that strongly appeals to voters!

And on the other hand we have the attack ads:

Primaries also tend to have some really fiery ads:

But positive slogan ads seem to be more effective than gun toting shouting:

Ads should also connect with real people:

This is one of my all time favorites:

And I think this is my favorite Democrat ad of the last cycle:

This is probably the worst ad of the last cycle:

A little over the top drama isn't bad:

But this one might be a little over the top:

This ad is a little like a ad for a super hero movie, but I love it!

Finally, some good message ads:

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