Friday, May 6, 2011

Debate Wrap Up

I agree with Steven Ertelt that Cain won the debate, but Pawlenty rose to the first tier of candidates.

Cain was, as always, a great communicator and he did what he needed to do to transcend the Tea Party speech he is excellent at and give a presidential performance.

Pawlenty hit all the right notes and showed himself clear and solid on the issues.

Santorum did well when he was on the attack (esp against Obama), but whenever his record came up he came across as shrill and defensive.

Paul has lost his edge. He is still the same on issues, but his ability to communicate them has taken a hit.

Johnson ended up being almost completely irrelevant. The only thing people will remember of him is his comment on Palin crawling around on her “hands and knees.” He is not a serious candidate.

This is my live blogging from last night’s Republican primary debate. I pulled it off of my twitter so all times are only approximate.

  • 8:50 RT @MattMackowiak Worth noting: Every Republican nominee since 1980 has won the South Carolina primary.
  • 9:05 great opening @timpawlenty first answer in the debate takes on the UN. #tcot #GOP #gop12
  • 9:11 RT @MattMackowiak Very strong T-Paw answer on "waterboarding" and EITs -- has clearly been working on his public speaking. #SCdebate
  • 9:13 RT @ianessling Pawlenty HAMMERS Obama decision to block Boeing into SC, says it's "preposterous" decision and "outrageous" line that admin has crossed.
  • 9:14 Rick Santorum is sounding a little desperate. Calm down and smile a little. #scdebate #tcot #gop12 #GOP
  • 9:15 Another attack on the U.N. from @timpawlenty - Never bow to the U.N. American's leaders should be making American policy.#scdebate
  • 9:16 RT @benpolitico Nobody ever lost a Republican primary by being too mean to the UN. Pawlenty calls it a "pathetic organization."
  • 9:17 Don't make laugh like that. RT “@jpodhoretz: Ron Paul is a doctor. Can you imagine his bedside manner?”
  • 9:18 Here are the social issues. #scdebate
  • 9:19 Johnson is the first one booed, and it is for his pro-abortion views.#scdebate
  • 9:19 T-paw has a great (almost @FRCdc) answer on Stem Cell research. #SCDebate
  • 9:20 Wrong party. RT @MattMackowiak Gary Johnson supports legalization of marijuana and right to choose. Obama primary?#SCdebate #GOP #tcot
  • 9:24 Santorum has a great challenge against Daniels' truce: ignoring what is important. #SCDebate #Tcot
  • 9:25 Cain is thoughtful and clear. Just needs a little more experience “@mattklewis: Solid DOMA answer by Herman Cain.” #scdebate
  • 9:30 RT @StevenErtelt Santorum: "Anybody that would suggest we call a truce on moral issues doesn't understand what America is all about."
  • 9:44 RT @mattklewis Observation: T-Paw & Romney both have "clunkers" in their background. T-Paw apologized for his problem. Romney won't.
  • 9:45 RT @DavidLimbaugh Oh yes, good for Pawlenty -- great answer -- I can't believe his performance so far.
  • 9:50 Santorum had a great answer on women in his book. That will play well in SC and he deflected what could have been a hard attack.#SCDebate
  • 9:55 RT MattMackowiak Gary Johnson must have smoked marijuana when deciding to run for President. #SCdebate
  • 10:20 Out of the ball park RT @mattklewis Herman Cain nails the experience question: "How's that workin' out for you?" (Even Chris Wallace laughs.)
  • 10:19 RT @MattMackowiak Rating the performances: 1) Santorum 2) Pawlenty 3) Cain 4) Paul 5) Johnson #SCdebate
  • 10:23 RT @MattMackowiak Pawlenty was strong. No mistakes. Knowledgeable. Delivery better than it has been. Cements tier 1 status. #SCdebate
  • 10:24 RT “@MattMackowiak: Checkmate RT @LDoren: Racist Teapartiers unanimously supporting Herman Cain on Fox News right now.”
  • 10:25 Pawlenty good comebacks-strong candidate. Cain great speaker. Santorum fighter. Ron Paul trouble maker. Johnson not serious.
  • 10:30 RT @StevenErtelt People tweeting me saying Cain won the debate, but Pawlenty won a trip to the first tier of candidates...

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