Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nutshell cracked

In case anyone was starting to think that Jeremiah was the only one following the upcoming presidential election, here are my thoughts on his list of candidates.

I could probably support:
  • Pawlenty - seems to be all around solid, powerline people like him, so that's a plus. Has experience.
  • Huckabee - weak on foreign policy, but could convince me on other issues.
  • Daniels - made some big mistakes lately, but could still redeem himself.
  • Bachmann - lacking executive experience, but appears to have the right ideas (as long as she doesn't go too libertarian, aka Paul or Moore).
Skeptical but willing to be persuaded (which means they have an uphill battle):
  • Gingrich - divorce will get him in trouble with religious conservatives.
  • Santorum - read his book and was unimpressed. His solution was more money, just conservative money rather than liberal money.
  • Barbour - don't know him.
  • Cain - don't know much, but first impression is that he lacks political experience
  • Roemer - don't know him.
  • Huntsman - don't know him.
  • Trump - (see Gingrich but plural), is shrewd, but doesn't always project trustworthiness. Lacks political experience.
Can't see myself supporting:
  • Palin - resigning killed her political career, indicates she can't take pressure. She works well as an someone speaking to power, but not someone to entrust with power.
  • Paul (Ron) - too libertarian, poor judge of character, tells the far right what they want to hear, regardless of how practical. The mirror of the 2008 Hope/Change Obama.
  • Paul (Rand) - see above (unless he can distinguish himself).
  • Romney - healthcare in MA undermines credibility, problems with trust.
  • Johnson - pro-abortion.
  • Moore - first 10 commandment stunt was justified, second one was looking for a fight which he didn't lose graciously. Doesn't know how to pick his battles. Too similar to Paul.
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