Thursday, March 24, 2011

On Libya

This is a post of mine recently published on Liberty's Call, a blog of Generation Joshua.

Despite my support for the military action in Libya, I am saddened by how Obama has acted. Instead of taking leadership, making the case to the American people, and doing what needs to be done because it is right, Obama waited to hear what the UN said and then joined the bandwagon. Even if it is the right bandwagon that is not the way a President should act.

Leadership is seeing the right thing and doing it. A great example of leadership is Winston Churchill. Churchill was the leading voice in the free world calling for action against Hitler. He saw what was right and did everything in his power to do it. He didn’t wait for the British people to agree; he didn’t wait for the international community to tell him what to do; he did what he could because it was right.

A principled leader will take a stand and people will follow. Unfortunately, Obama did something unprecedented by surrendering America’s position of leadership among free people. We stood back and waited for the UN to tell us what to do. That is not what I want to see in a president. I want a leader.

Jeremiah Lorrig

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