Monday, March 7, 2011

The New Road to Serfdom

They say that history repeats itself and time and again it proves to be true. The fact is that the saying "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" is right.

I just finished reading Daniel Hannan's book, the New Road to Serfdom where Hannan argues that America should look at Europe as an example of what not to do, and should rather return to the principles of freedom. He points out that the European Union (he is the member of the E.U.'s parliament, whose YouTube video went viral), is truly post freedom and treats itself as better than elections and other petty problems like separation of powers and local control.

To follow the European model would be to substitute elected and publicly accountable officials for unelected "experts." These bureaucrats have written laws, established themselves as judges, and even executives. These men and women are not knights and barons in castles, but the result is the same: democracy has been replaced with oligarchy.

When I was in Europe last December I was shocked as I saw the way that power was shifting away from the member nations and that the idea of democracy (representative and direct) have been cast aside.

Did you know that every time a European population has had a chance to vote on joining the E.U. they have voted it down? That doesn't matter to the unelected leaders, they continue to exert their will. Did you know that the European parliament is elected by the people? But they have no power. All the power rests in the unelected elates. It amazes me.

Hannan's core message is that America should not follow them. America should stand by the principles that made her great and never let go of democracy, federalism, or our commitment to individual responsibility.

Read it, you'll laugh, you'll moan, and you'll walk away having learned something.
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