Saturday, March 19, 2011

Neo-Cons and Libertarians

There seems to be a massive PR battle going on regarding the topic of foreign policy.

Max Boot, author of a fantastic book on America's small wars, tweeted an article the other day titled: Are We All Neocons Now?. But this last week an Anti-Imperialist author came to one of the meetings I attended in Washington DC pitching his book (sorry, I do not remember his name of the name of his book) attacking the idea of interventionism and promoting isolationism. Someone in the meeting asked for a short (3 sentences) definition of "Neo-Con;" the writer could not do it.

There seems to be no republican or even tea party consensus. Even among the Freshmen in congress we have the Rand Paul brand who wants to end all foreign aid. And on the other hand, we also have new congressmen rejecting even the idea of cutting any military funding.

When all the chips fall, despite no clear definition, I find myself more in the Neo-Con camp. Where I believe the Spiderman line: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibly.
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