Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Superbowl Ad

Maybe it's because I know so many people getting into the film industry, but I thought this was the most cleverly done super bowl ad this year.

However, the title of best ad must go to someone else: Crysler. Normally all car commercials are the same--a car driving down the road with a voice over. And in that respect, this one is no different. Yet the content of the voiceover is, in this case, unusual. No talk of price, or mpg, or how much it costs, or how much it doesn't cost. Rather, it appeals on an entirely different level.

Now, I've lived in Michigan for six months, and this is an attitude I haven't seen much of--which is probably why I found it so surprising. This state is depressed in more than just economics.

But this commercial says something else--beyond the assembly line and waiting for someone else to fix the problem. It appeals to a historic greatness of a particular city; for from the stories I hear, Detroit used to be a great city. And now, this city wants to again take its place with the other great cities. Maybe this formally great city, the city where Reagan was nominated for President, can be great again.

"Imported from Detroit" poignantly reminds us that Detroit is people, Detroit is our neighbors. And it captures not just the suffering, but also the dignity, of those neighbors.
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